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a dance theatre, education and event company that builds community through the fusion of theatre and street dance culture. Drawing from elements of club dance, street dance battle and theatre storytelling, Breaking Barriers dissolves the wall between performer and audience by integrating dance, live music and site specific venues. Breaking Barriers began as an international performance project in 2018 between Denver’s cultural plan, Imagine 2020, Lisa Engelken (CO) and Maren Ellermann (UK). The company mission is to embody and preserve authentic club dance styles and contribute to the culture of street dance through storytelling of social issues through dance pieces.

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In the Lab

A week-long professional development project offering professional dance artists & musicians the chance to explore new ideas, take risks and learn new processes for creating performance work. At the end of the week, the works created were shared at the live performance of Backyard Sessions Denver. This project provided opportunity and economic development for dance and music production, education and community building. 


Jazz Continuum Immersive Performance & Party

A dance theatre performance party, featuring dance artists from all corners of the US, an original score and dj set by Carl Carrell and live swing band Royal Street Ramblers.

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Breaking Barriers Premiere Show Promo 

8 Dancers from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures and genders will be paired up to create original work, with an original soundtrack by music producer Suren Seneviratne, within a one week time frame. On this night that work will be showcased for the first time. A unique project where the dancers are introduced to new ways of creating, the audience will see something that has not been done before and will get a chance to give feedback straight away in an interactive Q&A after the performances.

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